Sun 6:30pm GMT

Transitions: Gareth Quinn Redmond

Gareth Quinn Redmond gets spaced out at the Space Between

An ambient musician based in Dublin, to date, Gareth has released a three part Environmental Music series inspired conceptually by the music of Satoshi Ashikawa.

2019 saw the first album in this series, Laistigh den Ghleo, released alongside the first ever reissue of Ashikawa's ambient masterpiece Still Way, on WRWTFWW Records.

2020 saw the release of An Fhuaim is Caoine, an ambient single written for music box, synth and strings. This was followed up more recently with his latest collaboration, Life's Slow Build, with Dublin based producer and multi instrumentalist, James Smith (Yurn).

Currently, Gareth is writing two new albums which will be released this year.

Transitions is a series of 30 min vignettes from five Irish electronic producers, each of whom provide a short accompanying musical response to the idea of transition - so much of which has been forced upon artists in the past 12 months.

The performances were filmed across two locations from opposite spectrums of the island, but linked by their proximity to two separate but continuous coastlines, and each of which, in their own way, faced the energy of transition due to COVID 19.

The Space Between in Dublin 2, and a new contemporary cafe space in the very heart of South Kerry - Driftwood Cafe - which looks directly out across St Finian’s Bay at the Skelligs.

In itself, the position of Online Performance as an accepted artistic medium is in transition. One of the key issues with the medium is the loss of the truly ephemeral immediacy of a live performance - there is no doubt that the ability to pause, or re-view a moment in time erodes the weight of that moment.

To combat this, to underline the coastal links of both locations, and to give the piece an extra sense of temporal reality, we will frame each performance with the opening and closing sea area forecasts from the day they are recorded.

Artist: Gareth Quinn Redmond
Curator: Emmet Condon, Homebeat
Film Makers: Steve O'Connor, Adrian O'Connell
Lights: Conor Biddle
Sound: Simon Cullen
Commissioned by St. Patrick's Festival