Tue 11:00am GMT

Native Events: Culture of Sustainability Ep 3

The Future Forum - a space for creative conversation in a time of paradigm shift

The Future Forum, hosted by Native Events and D-Light Studios on behalf of St. Patrick's Festival 2021, will be a space for creative conversation in a time of paradigm shift, of disruption, of transition and transformation.

This is to be a visioning forum of Ireland's leaders, from different and diverse sectors, brought together under one roof to discuss forging a pathway into a more sustainable future for the cultural sector and the island as a whole.

Representatives from the spheres of policy, business, nature and art will be invited to co-create a vision, inspiring audiences and igniting our collective cultural imagination.

Taking place in D-Light Studios, a contemporary arts space in the heart of Dublin 1, the Future Forum will bring some of Ireland's most eminent individuals into a very different kind of venue, steeped in the industrial history and community values of one of Dublin's oldest boroughs.

Hosted by Megan Best of Native Events and The Green Room on Dublin City FM, the forum will take the format of a panel discussion with four participants from very different backgrounds.

Taking a systems-thinking approach to problem solving, the participants will be invited to contribute to a curated conversation on Ireland's future in both local and global contexts. The aim is to present a new perspective on Ireland's cultural identity and to reach a cross-sectoral consensus for progress.

Artists: Native Events and D-Light Studios
Film Maker: The Coop
Commissioned by St. Patrick's Festival