Lithuanian folk dance "Kepurinė"

Since the Lithuanian Association was established in Ireland in 2005, the Lithuanian community has been very active, organizing many events and taking part in many different Irish festivals also, with one of them being St. Patrick's Festival.

There are three Lithuanian schools "4 vėjai (4 winds)”, Lithuanian theatre "Alternatyva Alternatyvai" and many more groups which represent Lithuanian culture here in Ireland.

The Lithuanian folk-dance group "Suktinis" was established in 2018. (Choreographer Elona Semetiene)

Since then they have performed many times, not only for Lithuanian but also international audiences.

In 2019 "Suktinis" travelled to St Petersburg to take part in a large cultural festival there.

While we cannot gather on the streets this year St. Patrick's Festival Community Arts are delighted to present a collection of videos featuring exciting performances of traditional and cultural song, dance and poetry from Ireland and all over the world, as participants perform pieces from their native lands.

All the performers come from the participating Community Groups who join us every year to enrich our pageant in the St. Patrick's Festival parade. We welcome you to join us in celebrating the richness and diversity of our wonderful community groups and thank them all for their** exceptional commitment and contribution to the festival each year.

Commissioned By St. Patrick's Festival