Indian Classical Dance performing "BharataNatyam"

Bharatanatyam is the most popular and oldest classical dance tradition in India and has a rich language of expression

Confederation of Indian Communities in Ireland (CICI) is an umbrella organisation embracing various Indian Organisations / Societies. Many Indian groups are integrating in Ireland through their services and cultural promotion. This is the fourth year that CICI is taking part in St. Patrick’s Festival and we are delighted to welcome them.

Bharatanatyam is the most popular and oldest classical dance tradition in India, the expressive aspect of the dance is the means by which the dancer can communicate a character being portrayed as an inner experience to the audience.

The attire of a Bharatanatyam dancer consists of a specially fitted colored Sari and she is typically adorned with jewelry on her face and neck.

In this performance, Rasajna Marepalli portrays the praising of Hindu God Rama and showing how Lord Krishna kills evil daemons.

While we cannot gather on the streets this year St. Patrick's Festival Community Arts are delighted to present a collection of videos featuring exciting performances of traditional and cultural song, dance and poetry from Ireland and all over the world, as participants perform pieces from their native lands.

All the performers come from the participating Community Groups who join us every year to enrich our pageant in the St. Patrick's Festival parade. We welcome you to join us in celebrating the richness and diversity of our wonderful community groups and thank them all for their** exceptional commitment and contribution to the festival each year.

Commissioned by St. Patrick's Festival