Wed 4:00pm GMT

Guinness in the Liberties Walking Tour

Join Dublin historian, podcaster and author Donal Fallon and Guinness Archive Manager Eibhlin Colgan on a story and fact packed virtual tour of Dublin's most famous Liberties.

The Guinness in the Liberties Walking Tour has been an annual outing on the St. Patrick's Festival calendar for a number of years now. With Covid lockdown in place this year, we are making our 2021 edition a virtual experience - so even more people than ever can join us!

Our narrative this year will hone in on the importance of 'community' in the urban landscape, a topic that has become more prevalent than ever with lockdowns, with a trend toward looking at and appreciating all things local, as well as understanding how to better manage the parallels between work and social life within the community.

No better a space to look at than the Liberties which has remained one of the most important community-driven spaces in Dublin's history.

We'll be looking at the uniqueness of the Liberties community, dating right back to its origins, and how that strong sense of community has evolved and will continue to evolve.

Our two guides will take you on different routes through the area, coming at the tour from two different perspectives. Donal will guide us through the broader history of the Liberties, walking the line of the Old City wall, the border of the Liberties, discussing key features past and present, while Eibhlin will focus on the great influence Guinness has had over the area and community.

The two will converge at the Guinness Brewery to reveal an exciting future project for the area which will involve transforming part brewery grounds into a "Guinness Quarter" with new residential areas, retail, creative and public spaces. A project that will open up the gates of this historic space to people of the Liberties, Dublin and beyond, and will in essence strengthen the longevity of the Liberties community.

Guides: Donal Fallon & Eibhlin Colgan
Film Maker: Lost Film Studios

Wednesday 17th: 4.00 pm GMT / 12.00 pm EST

Commissioned by St. Patrick's Festival in partnership with Guinness Storehouse