Sun 12:25pm GMT

Galway Food Tours

An in depth vision of Galway's culture through Food & Drink

Through this unique virtual tour you will get to experience an in depth vision of our Ireland and Galway's culture through food and drink. Taking in the stunning and bright street scape of the city, its beautiful backdrop of sea and culture, we want to make the event an immersive online experience to entertain and leave the viewer wanting to visit.

"For us, what makes Galway so special is the local producers, the passion and diversity we now have to offer. “

During your time with us, we will get you to experience a virtual taste of the amazing foodstuffs available from artisan producers, cheese makers, creative beer projects, artisan chocolatiers, ranging from traditional family run businesses to young entrepreneurs with devotion and commitment to showcase the best of Irish produce giving you the insights to our favorite places and treasured ingredients..

You’ll meet a few ‘salt of the earth’ locals, hear their stories and experience our vision on why we are proud to call Galway home.

Our business model is based around promoting local business through our tours, our guided book and soon to be launched Galway Food Tours app. All of these projects promote the food and culture economy in Galway with our own unique blend of energy and buzz.

Tour Guides: Sheena Dignam, Gosia Letowska
Commissioned by St. Patrick's Festival