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We would go up late into the mountains and set the nets to catch the birds for ringing. We are not ready for the sea.

Whose memory is this? Whose memory am I? There are some parts of this island — swathes of it, vast tracts even — that are utterly daft. Things have become untethered from space and time and have taken to floating around together as if all present in the now.

It’s all quite loud, really. Rattled, shook, discombobulated, these mindless artefacts have no time, they are all the time. Someone, or some thing, needs to put them in order.

The combined forces of these four interdisciplinary and acclaimed Irish artists spans work in photography, design, music, writing, film, theatre and performance. Their previous work, Made In Dublin (2019), a nine-screen quadrophonic ciné-myriorama and award-winning publication, has exhibited internationally.

Directed: Niall Sweeney & Eamonn Doyle
Photography: Eamonn Doyle
Sound & Music: David Donohoe
Written: Kevin Barry & Niall Sweeney
Voice: Kevin Barry
Somatics: Peter O’Brien
Edited: Niall Sweeney
© 2020

Guidance. Warning. Portions of the programme contain content that is not suitable for children and some viewers may find offensive.