Wed 2:40pm GMT

Entity / Spéirbhean

Entity / Spéirbhean takes a fresh look at how women inhabit their bodies across the span of their lives and is a celebration of the beauty of female resilience, told through spoken word, dance and film.

With a cast of women and girls aged 8 to 80, the film, entitled ‘Entity’, or ‘Spéirbhean’ in Irish, illustrates how women of all ages can rejoice in the lifecycle of their bodies. The film reflects on women’s thoughts and feelings through movement, with a sensitive and joyful look at the inescapable physical and emotional changes that time brings.

It is set to an exquisite musical arrangement by saxophonist and composer Dafydd Williams – a poignant soundtrack that evokes a memorable backdrop for the piece.

Holywood Shared Town and Quotidian have come together to produce a brand-new performance piece with local artists from different artforms. What started as an idea for a series of performances has, because of the Covid restrictions, resulted in the making of a short film, with the hope of live shows when it is safe to do so again.

The piece combines literature, dance and filmmaking. It is written by the distinguished multi-award-winning author, Myra Zepf (in Irish, with translation). The choreography is by the young emerging artist Clara Kerr who also dances in the piece. Jo Guthrie, an award-winning director and designer, is directing and editing the piece.