DYDC performing 'Am I human anymore?'

This piece from Dublin Youth Dance Company helps us to lose ourselves in an alternate universe in which the movement replaces words, the rhythm transports us into a fun place in which theatricality replaces our looming reality.

Let's celebrate! After all, we are alive!!!

Dublin Youth Dance Company (DYDC) is Ireland’s premiere contemporary youth-dance group that continuously strives for excellence and high standards.

Their main aim is to offer talented young dancers the opportunity to participate in the creation, production and performance of contemporary dance works to the highest level of expertise.

The mission is to enable exceptional experiences for young people in dance and, by that example, to lead the development of youth dance in Ireland.

Developing and performing a repertoire characterised by the involvement of young dancers in its creation, by a commitment to form and content that represents their interests and concerns.

Facilitating an approach of openness and curiosity, qualities that are essential to dance and creativity.

Celebrating individuality and encouraging creative self-expression.

Setting high standards and sharing a passion for dance that brings us together.

The work and achievements reflect their values of exploration, expression, excellence and togetherness.

All the performers come from the participating Community Groups who join us every year to enrich our pageant in the St. Patrick's Festival parade. We welcome you to join us in celebrating the richness and diversity of our wonderful community groups and thank them all for their exceptional commitment and contribution to the festival each year.

Commissioned by St. Patrick's Festival