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Cork Puppetry Company - How to Make Props Like a Pro

Sometimes you have to make your own fun, luckily we've rounded up some of our favorite pageant companies to guide you on the way.

Download some helpful templates below.

Cork Puppetry Company presents a puppet-presented workshop on how to create your own parade from home with a Viking longboat made of cardboard, and a mask of the eagle from the book of Kells.

Join us in a series of workshops supported by RTE, exploring each element of parade pageantry to help you to create your own spectacular Virtual Parade . Get creative, learn how to make props, costumes and headdresses then find out about pageant choreography and movement to give your Virtual Parade that touch of magic.

Cork Puppetry Company's ambition is to create a platform for artists to collaborate on high quality projects from community work to big scale interventions. Born from Dowtcha Puppets, Cork Puppetry Company's directors and members have all been involved in the past St. Patrick's Day Parades, largely contributing to their creations from beginning to end. Our space is in the former Ford factory in Cork which has a tangible heritage as a centre of commerce and production for decades, allowing CPC to create strong bonds with local groups and high profile companies. The CPC promotes puppetry and performances within public participative events and local community groups.

And, of course, don't forget to share your Virtual Parade with us on social media!

You can find a handy Peacock template here: cpc_peacock_templates.pdf
And some helpful instructions for your Viking longboat right here: cpc_viking-longboat_templates.pdf

Commissioned by St. Patrick's Festival