Wed 11:35am GMT

Bui Bolg - The Creative Process

Sometimes you have to make your own fun, luckily we've rounded up some of our favorite pageant companies to guide you on the way.

Bui Bolg share their creative process and show what goes into putting one of their shows together.

While the youth group cannot meet like they used to, under the circumstances, their creative process remains the same. Meeting online, the facilitators still encourage their young people to express themselves, to share ideas and to collaborate.

They have never done a show quite like this but the approach to it and the spirit of the Youth Group remains the same. Our piece will be a documentary, giving the audience insight from the youth group and the development of a brand new, remotely-made, show before culminating in the performance itself.

Join us in a series of workshops supported by RTE, exploring each element of parade pageantry to help you to create your own spectacular Virtual Parade . Get creative, learn how to make props, costumes and headdresses then find out about pageant choreography and movement to give your Virtual Parade that touch of magic.

Bui Bolg Outdoor Arts is a team of skilled visual artists and engineers, performers and designers led by Artistic Director Colm Lowney. They produce work that incorporates many different creative art forms – from large scale sculptural work to pageantry and animatronics. They aim to engage the public knowingly and unknowingly in a discourse with the arts.

And, of course, don't forget to share your Virtual Parade with us on social media!

Commissioned by St. Patrick's Festival