Sun 12:00pm GMT

Breathe and Move 3: Mindfulness with Manasi Sridhar

Happenings and The Sea present six wellness events filmed in stunning indoor, seaside and nature locations nationwide. Featuring renowned wellness experts Michael Ryan, Manasi Sridhar and Peter O' Brien.

Mindfulness with Manasi Sridhar

A 30 minute meditation that brings you to the very present moment. Find your connection between your body and mind and take this mid day break to connect within.

Born and raised in India, Manasi's yoga journey began in her teens.

A sudden back injury meant that she had to resort to yoga for recovery. Not only did the physical aspect of yoga bring her body back on track, but helped her in her journey to emotional maturity.

Since then, she has loved being on the mat carrying along her beliefs of commitment that “anything is possible”.

Manasi practices and teaches Vinyasa and Yin Yoga along with Meditation. Her classes are focused on synchronizing breath and movement, understanding physicality, meditation and self inquiry.

Happenings and The Sea are bringing together some big names in Ireland’s wellness arena to present a series of classes that brings together mindfulness and yoga in a series of half hour long morning presentations.

Commissioned by St. Patrick's Festival

Photo by Mandy Sarkis