Wed 9:50pm GMT

Blindboy Boatclub reads ‘Jo Lee’

Blindboy Boatclub reads ‘Jo Lee’ from his best-selling collection of short stories “Boulevard Wren”.

Blindboy Boatclub is a practising Irish artist and writer. His work is multidisciplinary with a focus on writing, podcasting, theatre and music.

He is also a songwriter, musician and producer with his group the Rubberbandits, who have amassed over 100 million youtube views and have toured the world as a theatre act. The Blindboy podcast is the creative summation of all these experiences.

Blindboy is also an academic, having completed a masters degree in 2015 in creative practice and the social environment. He draws upon this to democratise topics such as art, psychology, politics, science and music, offering unique and humorous insights into issues which are perceived to be complex.

Mental health is a frequent topic on the Blindboy podcast. Blindboy is a longtime mental health activist and has always used his platform to speak about his own struggles with anxiety and depression. He uses the podcast to investigate theories of psychotherapy such as CBT, and Transactional analysis, and how to apply them in a simple way to our own lives.

Guidance. Warning. This programme contains language that is not suitable for children and some viewers may find offensive. Viewer discretion is advised.