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Beautiful Young People with Axis Ballymun

Axis presents six mini films featuring current poets and spoken word artists celebrating important poetry from Ireland’s past. Vocals and images. Old poems by young poets brought to life by some of our most talented illustrators.

Part 1:
The World Is Full of Beautiful Young People by Pat Ingoldsby
Poet/VO: Roxanna Nic Liam
Artist / Illustrator Pat McGrath

Part 2:
Beyond The Sally Gap by Pat Tierney
Poet/VO: Adam Mohamed
Illustrator: Aidan Maxwell

Part 3:
Laundry by Mary Coll
Poet/VO: Gemma Dunleavy
Illustrator: Lorraine Lawlor

Part 4:
Song of Zozimus by Zozimus
Poet/VO: John Cummins
Illustrator: Selkie Illustration

Part 5:
Dubh by Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill
Poet/VO Ciara Ní É
Illustrator: Becky Moriatry

Part 6:
St Patrick was a Gentleman by Zozimus
Poet/VO: Lewis Kenny
Illustrator: Selkie Illustration

Commissioned by St. Patrick's Festival.