Fri 4:00pm GMT

Artastic - Costume Making Fun For All

Sometimes you have to make your own fun, luckily we've rounded up some of our favorite pageant companies to guide you on the way.

Artastic presents a hands-on workshop teaching you how to make simple but effective colourful costumes complete with a step by step guide available to download below.

Join us in a series of workshops supported by RTE, exploring each element of parade pageantry to help you to create your own spectacular Virtual Parade . Get creative, learn how to make props, costumes and headdresses then find out about pageant choreography and movement to give your Virtual Parade that touch of magic.

Artastic is a street spectacle company based in Kildare under the artistic direction of Vijaya Bateson and Caitriona McGowan. Artastic was founded in 2003 by Vijaya Bateson.

Artastic’s collaborative art projects are nationally recognised as models of community theatre in Ireland, where artists and community groups work together to transform our urban landscapes with colourful creative performances.

You can find some helpful instructions here: artastic-costume-making-fun-for-all-guide.pdf

And, of course, don't forget to share your Virtual Parade with us on social media!

Commissioned by St. Patrick's Festival